Madden 21: The best TOTW card for the first week

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The first batch of "Team of the Week" (TOTW) cards in 2020 has now been issued in Madden 21, and Madden NFL 21 Coins determines your Madden Ultimate Team. Let's read the TOTW card recommended in Madden 21 for Week 1.

Before we start, let’s review the top TOTW cards of week 1. The Team of Week card of choice this week is Packers WR Davonte Adams. MUT player Adams (89 OVR) in Week 1 of this week performed well in Sunday's game against the Vikings, bringing in two touchdowns and scoring 156 receiving yards. In order to obtain Adams, the player needs to insert the other six TOTW cards of week 1 into the player collection of the week. These cards are as follows:
    Vikings WR Adam Thielen – 2 cards
    Chief DT Chris Jones – 2 cards
    Seahawks QB Russell Wilson – 1 card
    Patriot CB Stephon Gilmore – 1 card

A good tip for making these games is that if you are forced to do this, you have to wait a few hours after their release is complete. The reason is that, generally speaking, it is difficult to find the TOTW card at the beginning of the promotion. This leads to higher prices than normal.

As for Adams' player project, this card has some impressive statistics. In the early stages of the game, it is difficult to find a 6'1" receiver (86) and acceleration (89) with high speed and speed. However, it is best to use coins wisely, or wait for Adams' price to fall, or not Do. There is no doubt that the expansion of Packers is a promotion for anyone’s team, but in the near future, better Packers will be released. Therefore, it is best to wait to catch Adams, especially if you People who didn't spend a lot of cash on Madden.

Now that we have learned about the main players of the week, let's review some of the cards we think are worth getting in Madden 21:

Russell Wilson
Wilson's Week 1 TOTW card has some influence on this. Seahawks QB has quite good accuracy (84 SAC, 83 MAC, 86 DAC) and projection capability (83), and it should be no problem to broadcast it to a wide range of receivers. But although Wilson can cause damage in the air, he can be equally deadly on the ground. Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) has 77 speed and 83 agility, should be able to relieve stress, and can take off and run with pigskin in open areas. With these solid attributes, the 86 OVR quarterback may become a nightmare against defense, and the price is cheap for those who don't want to pay for his Core Elite items. Oh, this also helps, Wilson can increase to 89 OVR players after fully powering up.

Stephen Gilmore
CB Stephon Gilmore already has the best basic MUT card among cornerbacks. Just a week later, the best of the Patriots has received a new item. Although the basic data of this new item is not as high as his actual Core Elite card, it is still an attractive choice. Gilmore's TOTW card still retains the balanced artificial coverage (85) and area coverage (84) attributes and stable speed (84). When fully energized, the TOTW project of Patriot CB will increase to 90 OVR.

Adam Thielen
Viking WR Adam Thielen wreaked havoc on the Packers on Sunday, earning him a spot on the team of the week. Like Russel Wilson and Stephon Gilmore, Thielen's TOTW card (82) has a lower total score than his Core Elite (83) card. However, after power on, Thielen's card can be upgraded to 85 OVR items. But, let us now focus on his 82 OVR projects. Thielen has a good card speed, but nothing special. The reason to win over the Vikings is because he is a well-balanced catcher. Thielen has stable catching ability (82 CTH, 83 SPC) and route running (80 SRR, 77 MRR) attributes, as well as decent running attributes (84 ACC, 83 AGI). Tiron is not a Burner, but he is reliable.

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