Automotive Traction Inverters Market Analysis by Trends, Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, and Emerging Technologies

For those of you, who are not aware of what exactly is automotive traction inverter, this blog will provide some valuable information about the same.

It is a no-brainer that there is a sudden increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads. Whether it is BEV, PHEV or HEV, all kinds of vehicles are seen bustling on the roads.

The sudden increase in the number of electric vehicles is because of the increasing levels of pollution by vehicular emissions, and the initiatives of various governments to encourage the purchase of EVs, as opposed to their conventional counterparts.

Drivers of HEV and all the other variants rely on automotive manufacturers to provide a safe, dependable and relaxed driving experience. The automotive traction inverter, an important component in the electrified drive-train, directly influencing the driving experience, the range of batteries and the overall vehicle safety.

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Making the Most of Automotive Traction Inverter

Most of the automotive traction inverters have a multichip-semiconductor power module. It can include of diodes or MOSFET dies, IGBTs, and the characteristic circuit topologies are six-pack.

The continuing trend toward mechatronic incorporation of power electronic components and mechanical assemblies needing more mechanically robust and compact power modules. The power modules design act as an essential element in attaining advanced power density levels and gratifying more and more strict requirements.

Molded packaging tech is a solution, but compact designs and integration challenges the component’s thermal management. So, there is a need for a high-performance but cost-competitive, and compact liquid-cooling system.

It is because of the increased demand of electric vehicles, the requirement for automotive traction inverters is growing, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Automotive Traction Inverters Market Size, Share  | Industry Forecast to 2030

Automotive Traction Inverters Market Size, Share | Industry Forecast to 2030

The global traction inverters market is projected to witness tremendous growth during the forecast period (2020–2030). The traction inverter has direct impact on distance covered with per charge and overall performance of the vehicle.