Next year will probably be even worse

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Ya know, madden does have a community supervisor. He simply literally only articles over on the greatest team sub. Its foolish. I perform a lot of Destiny, and there would be riots if Bungies community managers only talked about 1 match style. This wouldn't have occurred if Madden communicated over here at all. They start adding features during the entire year. We are done waiting an whole year for Madden nfl 21 coins essential basic things that may be an update. I can not wait to find the ability to employ supporters them and again lauding this as a massive thing. This has become the worst season and change for sport matches. The Show was not even especially memorable this season. Like, none of this should be challenging, but it certainly sounds like nobody wants to put at the opportunity to produce these games worthwhile.

Next year will probably be even worse. That's cool. But they wouldn't do this! Man, if they could only set legends in for Fantasy Drafts, I would be a much bigger supporter. I gave up after 19. Franchise mode is essentially season mode where you can transfer gamers, and the gameplay is 360/ps3 era jank. IF they do manage to improve Franchise and buy Madden 21 coins ensure it is deep and meaningful, then yeah, I'd be willing to return. I'd even forgive the jank gameplay just to demonstrate that I support their attempts to create Franchise good again.