Its automatic

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Mad respect for typing this out and posting it my dude. Actual MVP.Also probably among the best recruitment post ever, I bet your recruitment inbox is blowing. Thanks to this transcripts my dude!! Massive convenience and I know it takes some time. I am subbed simply due to this, thanks again!Glad they helped, I write a script for all my videos so I will make sure you post it each time seeing just how many individuals upvoted this one.

I believed EO had mining barges?Still targeted mining though, not random like in EE.EO barges function exactly like Mining frigates, simply better.Need to discuss the impact the automatic boat replacement is having too. It's not all provide side. There's decreasing demand for replacement ships.What's auto ship replacement? Just coach Insurance or pve replacement?I assume he was speaking about the fact client service will replace a boat once every 7 days if it falls within certain criteria throughout the support webpage, I do not know the details I have never used the customer service.

Its automatic. Customer care doesnt even look at it. You submit a claim, you get back one lost ship every week.Any ship. dramiel. phantasm. whatever. No need to EVE Echoes ISK For Sale rebuild. Just wait for the timer before its safe to fly again with your weekly claim available.Was excited for a hot moment but shitty PvP mechanics do not count apparently.Lol I lost my stabers and did not get it back ? Since they did was in pvp Even taught I lost it cu I can't log in But I moved in.

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