What is the altar in the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion

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From the contents of the Path of Exile developer’s live broadcast on January 7th, players can conclude that although the much-anticipated Path of Exile 3.13 extension is an endgame-focused extension, it is still because of the addition of Atlas Passive Skill Trees. A brand new challenge league. And it will not disappoint players. They need to create a new character to start the game activity normally in the extension. As always, a large number of POE Currency and loot await them to claim.

In the new expansion, players can use Ritual to find out which altars are distributed around the game world. If they have the guts to explore there, they will face attacks from countless monsters. However, according to past laws, the thing guarded by so many monsters must be a treasure, a mysterious altar. After cleaning up the surrounding monsters, players can activate the altar for a fresh round of battle. If this cycle continues, the amount of loot they have is extremely large.

Players who complete this operation will get a new currency called Tribute. In that area, if they want to continue playing, they need to spend some Tribute to buy new items to support them in the next battle. But if they don’t want to continue and leave that area, the Tribute they had previously got will disappear. So, Tribute is a specific currency limited to that area. If players see the items they want during the event but they don’t have the money to Buy POE Currency at the time, they can pay a part of the deposit and wait to buy them later.

The mysterious and exciting 3.13 expansion will reveal its true colors in the day after tomorrow. Players need to buy POE Currency as soon as possible to become stronger to get a share. And based on the live content a few days ago, we can conclude that players who love Heist and Harvest can continue to play their favorite content, which is so cool. Fight! !