I see it as a waste of bank room instead of saving space

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I see it as a waste of bank room instead of saving space

Who does pitfall hunting for any reason whatsoever? Cooking the meat is a waste of time, you are better off alching or something in RS gold case you have to wait. Cooking the meat could be slightly useful as you'll be idly getting cooking experience when awaiting your traps. You have the option to alch also.

I really don't see what kind of debate you're trying to present with your line on pitfall hunting. One has an assortment of choices when it comes to training Hunter, and pitfall searching is one of those choices. It would be very naive to presume that nobody at all uses pitfall hunting. I was only stating one example in which the Dwarven Army Axe could be utilized. I agree that there are other training options that might be more effective, but the Dwarven Army Axe can help.

I took the axe with me now to miscellania to chop a few trees, then I had been using it to make tele tabs and get myself a few odd stones. Its useful for whatever people want to use it for. Runescape is a game, its supposed to be entertaining, who are you to judge wether the way that people send their time is pointless? Seconded, I used it now for my strange stones, I used it for runecrafting, firemaking, woodcutting and mining rocks (then I realised it had been only steel : ), along with utilizing it for Miscellania.

At the end of the day, it's a useful item for many people for an assortment of ways, simply take care of the fact it is not to your specific taste, because claiming it's completely useless isn't simply naive and unfounded, but saying it is only used by individuals"trying to differ" is ignorant to top that off. I will be destroying the Army Axe until I decide to RC through the Abyss for some unfathomable reason. For everything else, it's only great for fresh or low-leveled players.

I see it as a waste of bank room instead of saving space. Evaluation of this Army Axe for higher-leveled gamers: Pickaxe: equivalent to Steel. Hatchet: ^ Mace: it is a really low-leveled weapon.

Needle: You need tanned hides if you would like to buy rs gold paypal craft anything with a needle - due to that, you have to be at a bank. Also, high-leveled players can purchase hides out of the GE rather than tanning it themselves because of the time it requires to run into the tanner. When in the GE, why don't you buy a needle there? It is not like the Army Axe eradicates the requirement for thread, so you would still need to buy it anyway. After crafting, just drop the needle - no bank space wasted.