Blood of Steel an online multiplayer PvP MOBA game

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Blood of Steel an online multiplayer PvP MOBA game

Cheap Blood of Steel Silver Coins Blood of Steel an online multiplayer PvP MOBA game containing iconic heroes from world history released on Steam a couple of weeks ago for free.Blood of Steel features dramatic battles between legions of soldiers commanded by historical generals such as Joan of Arc Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great.Control your troops and their formation by performing dash light/heavy or combo attacks in 4 directions and try to conquer cities and expand your control over the territory.Blood of Steel is a free-to-play PvP MOBA strategy game set throughout the Middle Ages where you lead legions to conquer cities expand your territory and ultimately rule the world.

Players assume control of legendary commanders from world history including Joan of Arc Julius Cesar and Alexander the Great each with their own distinct weapons and personalities as you lead their troops to victory. Take control of multiple troop types from archers calvary riders swordsmen spearmen crossbowmen and more to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Terrain plays an important part in warfare; players can choose from multiple maps comprising of open plains lush grasslands snowy fields city streets and many other provides Cheap Blood of Steel Silver Coins for Sale  for players

In Blood of Steel Arthur Pendragon known as King Arthur is the legendary king of ancient Britain. Known throughout Celtic mythology and medieval literature legend has it that he is leader of the Knights of the Round Table wields Excalibur the sword of the rightful king of Britain.Arthur fights with a king’s sword and shield and has the special abilities: ‘Knight’s Will’ ‘Master Riding’ and ‘Spare Horse’. When using ‘Knight’s Will’ Arthur’s whole army dismounts to combat the enemy on foot with greater increase in their attack and defence for 45 seconds. The ‘Master Riding’ technique causes shock damage to nearby enemies when activated.