The stated program will record all players that hit any

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The stated program will record all players that hit any

The stated program will record all players that hit any oak tree and over, mainly watching willows. Any participant that hits a tree for over an RS gold hours will be recorded. The listed players list will be sent to the jagex team. Even the jagex group will then see just how long each player was at each tree, what axe has been utilized, thier level for battle and WC. Afterward the jagex team will then choose which players need to be watched more carefully.

This program will also take screen shots. The screen shots will probably cause lag to the match so if anybody has some better ideas here post on this. Nevertheless, the entire idea of a screen shot is to identify if the player is speaking at all. Most Macroers have a script that will enable players to talk to you and you will have a set question or queries that the program will respond to. The screen shot will just help check the chat on that player.

Or if Jagex has a means of recording the conversation around the entire world at any particular time. I strongly doubt they do, even if they did, could you imagine or simply fathom the notion of how much space that would take up. After time has passed this idea can then be computer optimized and conducted automatically. I know like you stated that there will be individuals who aren't macroing that'll get banned, but you can always appeal that ban.

Well I saw someone with one of those Chompie Hats and that I thought I could try to find one. I left some brutal arrows and led into the swamps. After some time there I'd racked up 300 kills and had several new crochet hats. Take Web Trapping such as; Place up the net snare, Walk away and hide, Wait for prey to become captured, Go and gather your catch.

Now lets look at Chompy Hunting; Fill out a swamp toad whith swamp gas and lay it as a snare, Walk away and conceal, Wait for Chompy to cheap OSRS gold come and kill it, Pluck the chompy for feathers and chompy meat. As you can see they're nearly identical but one does not give hunter xp. What I suggest is you get exp for Chompy Hunting, maybe something like that: (Base thought from Neophyte123) There are 3 types of hats: 1 feather, 3 5 and feathers feathers.