New World players can close the game chat to avoid malicious links

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New World players can close the game chat to avoid malicious links

Recently, New World players may want to temporarily close the global text chat. A vulnerability in the New World chat system allows some users to send messages containing destructive images and, in some cases, malicious code that can cause the game to crash.

The earliest use of chat vulnerabilities seemed harmless. But it didn't take long for players to discover more malicious uses of the New World Coins vulnerability. For example, the player can inject code into the project link message, and when the mouse hovers over the message, the game will crash in a few seconds.

Amazon Games is aware of this problem and is considering preventing it from happening, but there is no estimated time to fix it. To avoid malicious links or annoying chat pictures, players can press Enter to close the game’s chat and close the channel or click the gear icon above the input field to mute it completely.

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Players also seem to figure out how to post images other than the artistic images already in the game, including images that extend beyond the boundaries of the text chat screen. In particular, one player said that they were "flashed" by a server-wide message that covered the Cheap New World Coins screen with a bright yellow frame.

The vulnerability is still new and is under active investigation. For now, it’s best to limit your chat to DM. Amazon’s problem is certainly not the only one here, so hopefully it won’t take long to find a solution. By the way, if you lack New World Coins during the game, you can visit NewWorldCoins at any time to get a large amount of New World Coins without spending too much money.