How to Start an App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

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Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world right now. It is the most technologically ahead of all the big cities in the Middle East. As a result, starting an app development company in Dubai is only logical. The mobile app market is booming right now, and it is very easy to enter the app development market in Dubai. There are no barriers to entry for new firms here. An app development company in Dubai will give you everything you need to turn the business into a successful project.

The authorities in Dubai want new businesses to pop up in Dubai. To ensure this happens, they are offering various incentives to investors and entrepreneurs who want to set up their business here. They want new businesses to start in Dubai because they are in a long-term process of changing the economic focus of the region from the oil and gas industry. Since the world is moving towards a more electronic and online era. This is the perfect time to start an app development company in Dubai.

Steps in the Process of Starting an App Development Company in Dubai

setting up a business in dubai is really easy. Thanks to Company Setup experts you can easily get your app development company in Dubai started in no time at all. If this is your first time starting a company in Dubai, then it is highly suggested to get professional help to set it up. This is because any mistakes in the company setup process will cause expensive setbacks. So, it is better to get Company Setup experts to do it for you.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to start an app development company in Dubai:

1. Choose your Company Structure

The first step is to choose the company structure of your app development company. This will be the legal form of your company that will determine the rules and regulations you are subjected to. Therefore, take your time and decide carefully.

2. Register your Trade Name

You need to register a trading name for your app development company in Dubai. You need to select a trademark name and logo that are not already registered in Dubai. The name you selected may exist in other countries but as long as it is available in the UAE, you can go for it.

3. Apply for the Initial Approval

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is responsible for handling the registration of new app development companies in Dubai. You need to fill up an application form and get the initial approval from them.

4. Rent your Office Space

After you have received your initial approval from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, you can rent an office space for your app development company in Dubai. If your employees can work from home, then you can opt for a virtual office in Dubai.

5. Get the External Approvals

You need to get some external approvals after all the previous steps are completed. After getting the external approvals, you need to submit all the official documents to the DED and pay the required fees.

6. Get the Visas

After receiving the business trade license from the DED, you can start applying for visas. You can get visas for your immediate family members, one domestic worker, and sponsor the visas of your employees.

7. Open your Corporate Bank Account

The last step is to open a corporate bank account for your app development company in Dubai. It is suggested you get to the financial institution well before opening your corporate bank account in Dubai.

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