There's Much to Do on Vacation in Oahu

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Granted there are 137 islands in the State of Hawaii, but Oahu is the only one with lots to do and a major metropolitan area. It's famous for Diamond Head, Waikiki beach, and Pearl Harbor tours, but there's much more to do and see. Honolulu has world-class shopping and fine dining with every cuisine option imaginable, including fresh-caught seafood. Come to Hawaii on vacation for the warm climate and find something to do regardless of your interests. Even if sitting by a pool (or under a palm tree) and doing very little is your idea of a vacation, there's no better place on the globe to do it.

If you'll be going for the first time and are just beginning to read about things to do, keep an eye out for glass-bottom boat tours that let you see dolphins and sea turtles in their natural; habitat. If you'd rather be out on the water to relax, work on your tan, and enjoy lunch, consider a half-day catamaran trip. They're favorites for many people who love to sun, swim and relax. Even though it's a developed island, Oahu is the site of three rainforests. Some have horseback rides which are an ideal way to be out in nature with a twist. The natural vegetation and climate in tropical rainforests are something to see.

In the Honolulu area, Diamond Head offers an excellent hiking experience. If you take a guided tour, they'll often include lunch as part of the package. The walk to the summit takes about an hour, and while it might sound long, it's not overly strenuous for anyone in reasonably good shape. The 360-degree panoramic views are spectacular, and be sure to bring your camera or a smartphone that takes high-quality images. It pairs well with other Honolulu attractions that you can visit on the same day. They include a church constructed from hand-cut coral and a former palace of the Hawaiian royal family.

To many people, waterfalls are some of the most beautiful and enticing things to see when on vacation, and Oahu doesn't disappoint. You have many choices, and there's no reason to limit yourself to seeing only one or two. Seeing waterfalls is also often combined with a hike, and the distances vary. You can go with a local guide or map them and walk on your own. If you want a waterfall reachable with only a short walk, try Manoa Falls. For anyone willing to hike a seven-mile distance through the gorgeous territory, there's Laie Falls. For swimming at the bottom of a waterfall, Manunawii Falls is the best one to visit.