The Solution to the Distortion of Automatic Labeling Machine

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The Solution to the Distortion of Automatic Labeling Machine

To achieve a perfect visual effect in labeling. One of them is to prevent warping of the labels. Label the pipe before filling, and then fill and seal the end in the future. In the process of sealing the end, the test of heating on the label is particularly severe. The closer the label is to the bottom, the greater the likelihood of marking. In practice, almost every manufacturer has similar problems, and there are various ways to deal with them:

  1. Add the viscosity of the label.

(1) Progress is the key to the surface quality of the hose. Most of the products have gloss oil on the outside, so it will be hard to add labels.

(2) Control the labeling pressure during the labeling process.

(3)Control the temperature in the labeling process. The addition of labeling temperature will improve the labeling effect, because, with the increase of temperature, the activity of substances inside the object will be increased, so the label will be easier to fuse with the tube.

  1. Try to choose soft label materials.
  2. Change the shape of the label.

Make an arc at the bottom of the label to avoid the deformation area of the sealing tail. Of course, the arc can not open too deep, or because of the label itself simply cause wrinkles, add unnecessary trouble. Special seal on the end requires that the shape of the label should be changed accordingly, which can not only prevent warping but also add beauty.

  1. Eliminate the influence of static electricity.

The process of labeling simply produces static electricity, which will have an impact on the role of labeling, appropriate improvement of the site of labeling humidity, will certainly improve, the selection of ion fan is also a useful treatment. Automatic humidity control is set inside the Labeling Machine , which can control the internal cleanliness of the equipment independently, keep the labeling away from dust, and improve the labeling quality of products. In this way, there will be no distortion in the labeling process and the visual effect will be achieved. More information please click

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