What should players of different levels in POE do

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In the exciting RPG game POE, every player should complete the things that the corresponding level should complete. In this way, they will not lag others but can get a good game experience in the current level and accumulate a considerable amount of POE Currency. If the players carry out too many activities, not only will they not be able to complete all the tasks and affect their mood, but also they will not get all the task rewards. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Players at levels 1 to 65 only need to worry about their blue bag. So they don’t have to focus too much on marginal tasks. However, starting from level 30, players will hope to pay more attention to the development of characters through its POE version. Getting as much XP as possible will be the focus of their work at that time. If they have enough confidence, they are free to deal with creatures they think are suitable. If they just want to continue using XP, please check places such as Dry Lake or Docks to move forward.

Players above level 65 can start running non-red maps. They can continue to hone themselves until level 90 and then check which POE currencies they can use. When they reach a higher level of Exile, they can complete all the tasks on the map. They can change the difficulty of these maps. Players can do this to get better rewards and experience, but obviously, it is more difficult to do so. In terms of upgrade speed, when players reach these levels, they will find that the upgrade speed has dropped.

Knowing where to farm is also important for novice players. They can operate in densely populated areas, such as the ledge in the first act or the Fellshrine ruins in act 2. Then, when they reach Act 3, they can go to places like Sann City earlier. By traversing these areas, players can quickly level up. Overall, beginners have a lot to learn. They can Buy POE Orbs as long as their economic conditions permit supporting their increasing demand for games.

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