GGG balanced dozens of item attributes in the POE game last month

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Grinding Gear Games still keeps things going by adjusting the numbers on 50 POE items and has shared 10 items that are being tuned. The balance in the game is once again stable, which makes some weaker players more confident to continue the game and strengthens their desire for POE Currency. Balance is essential for both game studios and players. Therefore, GGG must adjust the numbers in many items.

At the beginning, Path of Exile was famous for its action-adventure generated by Diablo-like programs. The appearance of large passive skill trees and gems attached to weapons and armors add many features to the game. Despite the recent development difficulties of POE during the COVID-19 pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still trying to stabilize the development plan and shared ten items to adjust. Hotfooted gems have become faster, and it is now possible to increase their generation by up to 20%, which now applies to casting and attack speeds. It played a huge role in the Harvest League that just ended recently.

Originally, when players used the amulet Ungil’s Harmony, there was a 25% increase in critical strikes, but there is no more. The better news is that players can now use it to cause 350% damage to the enemy, which is equivalent to much more powerful than before. This enhancement is wonderful news for players with abilities. They can use this amulet to win more easily in the game. The scepter restricted by the alliance is called the Dark Prophet, and GGG made changes to suit this name. In addition to the ability for players who use it to blind the enemy 10% of the time, the weapon now also makes the player himself immune to blindness and can apply a powerful Malediction debuff to the enemy for the duration of the blinding effect.

In general, these improved items will help players get a greater achievement in the right scene. Every player can help them achieve their goals by using these items reasonably. The game team did a beautiful job this time. It not only improves the status quo of inequality in the game but also attracts more and more people to join the game. Now players can go to Buy POE Currency and POE Trade Currency to make themselves more competitive.

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