GGG considered how Path of Exile’s next expansion and development path should go

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Careful POE players may have discovered that Grinding Gear Games started a discussion on the development of the last league of the year in the official POE forum. They hope to always provide players with an expansion plan that is innovative and in line with POE. In this post, players can experience the hardships experienced by the game team in those years. Players also bought a lot of POE Currency to deal with the endless challenges in the league, which gave them plenty of stimulation.

Because of Christmas, some members of the development team must spare time to spend time with their families. It also made that if the game had a problem during that period, only a few developers would react to it. Then the players’ gaming experience is bound to suffer a negative impact. So the problem facing the development team now is very serious. They not only need to ensure that they can release the December league on time, but also to ensure that the league can run stable with no major problems.

The fragility of their development cycle shows the players the weaknesses of the team, including the overall development scope, functional changes, and common accidents that they may never have seen. These weaknesses have now allowed the team to refactor their development process to make it more resilient and potentially fruitful. Early in the late development cycle of Heist, they seriously conducted internal discussions on how to reorganize the development process to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion.

The goal of the game team is to compress the development time of the league while achieving the goals they want to achieve. Heist released a month ago, and sometime this week, GGG will make some necessary changes and improvements to the game. Players must Buy POE Orbs as soon as possible to enjoy the perfect benefits as soon as possible after updating the game.

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