The wiki has assigned steps for clues to unique areas

The wiki has assigned steps for clues to unique areas


Is the staff open to rebalancing hints a RS gold little this league? I think if they had been slightly buffed for everyone and then buffed a little bit extra for those who shot treasure seeker it might reduce people's frustrations about not having the ability to finish higher grade clues.

My thought was to make clue steps in your unlocked places something like 33% more likely to occur for all players, and then something like 66-75percent more likely for people who shot treasure seeker. The numbers can be tweaked.

It should not be this hard to finish tough or even moderate clues, whether that is by juggling 6+ clues or doing them normally and hitting a step that's impossible to finish and needing to drop it.

As much as I'd love to have observed clues being reworked, what you're proposing is really quite difficult. Jagex had mentioned they didn't region-lock clues as it is quite a tedious task. Each clue does not have a'region' attached to it, so a few poor soul would need to sift through every hint step and assign it a place (and likely need to take into consideration any region-locked items as well). Seeing as we watched some Zeah clues making it into the game once they'd pushed an update to eliminate them, it's likely that it's just a tricky undertaking to do given the insane number of hint steps (and for every tier as well).

Frankly, I couldn't imagine the amount of work that's gone into this league though. The amount of effort definitely shows. I've been having a blast so far!

The wiki has assigned steps for clues to unique areas. It can well be tricky to perform, but I don't think that's a good enough reason to throw their hands up over something that is rather integral from the leagues. There are buy osrs gold paypal a lot of points tied to clues, meaning that they wanted people to concentrate on doing them. There's even a relic designed around clue completion. Even a small alteration to decrease the frustration of now doing them (even with taking treasure hunter ) would make a big difference.

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