Or things like this rather than super capsules

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(Excluding all of the EVE Echoes ISK extra chips some cheaters got from killing their alts until it was not permitted anymore and they must keep the sp too!) Effectively lengthening the distance between older accounts (since they got about 500k sp for the fiasco) and any new gamers (instant omega or not) who combined after the truth by roughly an extra 5 to 12 days ranging between duo omega and new pilots.

Hell I'd be happy with safe loading in to system. Only lost a boat before it even loaded. Yes I will certainly replace and refit the boat but that not the point. It is becoming your stuff broken by no ability hobos if your not even able to dona thing other then watch the loading screen.They did add that, you do not decloak for a complete minute until you load. You playing a toaster?Why did you simply repeat what he said using a different number?Why am I repeating exactly what you said with various words?

Even if that is true a million Cheap EVE Echoes ISK gamers is still fairly impressive.Not whatsoever, its not remarkable compared to great games.Retention is the important stat. All stats similar to this are will be to fool people who do not understand any better.Doesnt imply anything unless each is a different person.This. Account concurrent and count active participant count are enormously different.