Mahomes is the highest-rated quarterback in Madden

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Mahomes is the highest-rated quarterback in Madden

Madden NFL 21 has been home to a number of Madden 21 Coins the maximum unique system faults in recent video games, and players have not stopped sharing them. Upon release, Madden 21 become riddled with bugs and glitches, leading to the game earning the worst person-rated score on Metacritic. Since then, EA has amended among the issues even as applying some of updates to Franchise Mode. However, system faults nevertheless arise, and the brand new one makes one of the fine quarterbacks in the league appear to be one of the worst.

A Madden NFL 21 participant shared his experience with a glitch in what seems to be a Franchise Mode game. In the clip, Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes is playing for the New York Jets, and has pretty the play drawn up to confuse the opposite aspect.

Mahomes is the highest-rated quarterback in Madden 21 with a score of ninety nine, as he offers a suit-up nightmare in opposition to MUT 21 Coins every person with the ability to throw accurate deep passes and being a threat to run on any play. However, at some stage in this particular play shared via Reddit consumer slipslap2, the ball is hiked and everybody movements besides for Mahomes. For the first 2d of the play, it appears Mahomes may work for a QB draw or perhaps a run-bypass option, but he does not circulate an inch.