How does FUT Champions work in FIFA 22?

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How does FUT Champions work in FIFA 22?

FUT Champions has always been the pinnacle of competitive competitions, but this is no longer the case in FIFA 22. This year EA has transformed it. The game will be divided into two stages, the playoffs and the finals. The reward is better, but only if the player can pass the FIFA 22 Coins playoffs. Qualifying is much easier and the time involved is shorter.

FIFA 22 has carried out structural reforms to FUT Champions. Players can still qualify through Rivals, but this will only allow players to enter the front door. Then, players need to win 5 of the 9 games in the new FUT Champions playoffs. These games can be played at any time of the week.

If the player passes the playoffs, the player will unlock the finals token to enter the revised weekend league, now called the FUT Championship Finals. Here, players can play up to 20 games between 3 a.m. EST on Friday and the same time on Monday. The reward ratio is based on victory, but even if the player loses all 20 cards, the player is guaranteed to get two famous red FUT Champions player cards.

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Speaking of rewards, players can now claim FUT Champions rewards immediately after completion. For the playoffs, once the player completes all nine or chooses to end the playoffs. For the finals, that is when the player completes 20 times, otherwise it will be automatically assigned based on the Cheap FUT 22 Coins player's completion ranking at the end of the Monday game.

The new system sounds a bit wild, but the jargon is not that complicated. Basically, players need to win five wins to beat the playoffs, and the finals rewards will increase with every four wins, up to 16 games. This means that players no longer just get opponent rewards by playing champions.

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